Question: why has the plot command deteriorated

A plot command with the only argument of


used to work (up through version 15).  With 16.02 Maple produces nothing but axes.  It is still smart enough to use its default range for the x-axix and to figure out an appropriate range for the y-axis, but it cannot (will not) draw the curve.

If I were a student wanting to answer a prof's question about that curve, I should not need to do any analysis to get a rough picture of what I'm dealing with.  If I was a student, then if I was careful enough to figure out to ask for a range of x=-5..5 or shorter, then I probably do not need Maple to draw it for me in the first place.

Related issue:  if I ask for a plot with x=-8..8 and y=-10..10 then that is what I should get in the way of axes.  Now frequently one must wait for a plot to be drawn, then right click on it and use the context menus to again specify those axis ranges.

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