Question: parralel programing using maple

I want to solve 4 nonlinear equation using maple. I want to find many roots of this 4 nonlinear equation.

I have no idea about initial condition so I use 4 for initial condition. my program is as follow:


f1:=nonlinear equation1(include variable q1,q2,p1,p2);

f2:=nonlinear equation2(include variable q1,q2,p1,p2);

f3:=nonlinear equation3(include variable q1,q2,p1,p2);

f4:=nonlinear equation4(include variable q1,q2,p1,p2);

for q11 from 1 to 200 do

  for q22 from 1 to 200 do

       for p11 from 1 to 200 do

             for p22 from 1 to 200 do


end do; end do; endo do; end do;


But this program takes time. It has 2 reason.

1-When fsolve cannot find a rood for a special initial condition fsolve take time to assign a variable (answer).

2- Because I use 4 for that it run 200*200*200*200 time.


Would you please tell me how can I decrease time process of my program?

How can I write this program in parallel program in maple?



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