Question: Legend inside plot in scientific notation and logarithmic axes


I was trying to place the legend of a plot inside of it, and skimming through this site I found a solution based on a textplot, something like this:

plot(loglogplot1, loglogplot2, loglogplot3, loglogplot4): #just the functions to plot

textplot({[placement, 'typeset'(beta=10-9 ),color=black],[...],[...],[...]}): #just the value of beta changes


with beta=10-8,10-7 and 10-6. Then I display all together. The point is, maple shows the values of beta as fractions, while I would want them to stay like they are. The best solution I could find was to define the values as nprintf("%1.1g",10-9) and so on, but this gives me 1e-09. Maybe it's a stupid way, but I couldn't do it any better. Any help?

On a side note, even though I'm plotting loglog the ticks are linear, and changing them to log mode doesn't do anything, either by doing it on the command line or by right.clicking.

This is how it looks like

Thanks for the help

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