Question: take date from eq1 and plug it in eq2

Dear all,

need to take data(a,u) from eq1 and plug it in eq2

eq1 is:

eq2 is:

Then need to plot data (a,v)


I did that:

points:=seq([a,evalf(solve((alpha+(l+alpha)*u+alpha*k*u^2)*a=u*(alpha+(l+alpha)*u+alpha*k*u^2)*(1+l*alpha*b/((alpha+(l+alpha)*u+alpha*k*u^2))),u))],a=0..20);       l:=1:alpha:=1:b:=100:k:=50:
from the above 
( value of a, three values of u) how to get one  real value of u) then substitue it in eq 2 to have (a,v)
do I have to put it in loop?
plz need  some advice.
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