Question: Maple really slow (or unable) to calculate Jacobian and/or Rank

Hi all,

For research purposes, I have symbolic matrices of dimentions up to 100 x 50 (and above) with certain number of parameters. Then giving random value to those paramters, I want the numerical rank of the matrices.


Maple 17 does not seem to work well with symbolic ranks, where expentials are involved.

And more to it, both




does not seem to work. (Initially, the symbolic matrices are formed from the Jacobian of a symbolic Vector)


Lastly, when I put the initial values into the matrices, the Rank( from LinearAlgebra) does not work. (or work really slow).

For substitutions, I have tried both subs() and eval(), evalf(). Many ways to 'simplify' the entries.


In short, I have complex Vectors (also with exponentials) with lots of parameters.

Ideally, I want the symbolic Rank of their Jacobian matrix.

If not possible, I will give the parameters random values, but still, if seems slow, sometimes impossible to get a numerical rank.


Any tips will be helpful!!!

PS: I have quickly read through the offical programming guide on numerical programming, but I did not find anyting particular helpful regarding this issue.

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