Question: Please Help ! optimization by plotting different functions

hello, i'm using maple, in order to draw a graphic in wich, different functions are plotted, 
these functions came from one with 4 variables, wich represents losses in a phenomenon (extraction) depending on diffenrent variables, so my objective is to varry only one parameter and then draw its curve, and this for each parameter ; i had 4 functions.


f1:=plot((n-1)/(-1+n*10^(6.77*((n-1)/n))), n=1.0537..1.2688):

f2:=plot(0.2365/(-1+1.2365*10^(0.0155*O)), O=76.42..99.92):

f3:=plot((1.2365-1)/(-1+1.2365*10^(0.108*l)), l=7..17):

f4:=plot((1.2365-1)/(-1+1.2365*10^(0.0153*t)), t=60..110):


while ploting the four equation, to optimize the stuff, i had no common point, because of the scale of the x axis is different in the four equations ! and i'm stuck, 

please tell me how to solve this problem, and if there is another method i'm ready to learn about it thanks a lot !

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