Question: "Equal" function for matrices incorrectly returns "false"


I have some strange problems with the function "Equal" in LinearAlgebra, which should allow me to compare matrices.

First of all, this works without any problems:

> restart; with(LinearAlgebra);
> A := Matrix(2, 2, [[0, 0], [0, 0]]);
> Equal(A^2, A);

Maple correctly returns "true" since here A is equal to its square.



> restart; with(LinearAlgebra);
> A := Matrix([[a, 0], [0, 0]]);
> for a from 0 to 10 do if Equal(A^2, A) then print(a, A) end if end do;

does not return anything, while it should find that for a=0 and a=1 you do have inequality.


What is the problem here?

Many thanks!




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