Question: Slow in eval when substituting numerical values into symbolic matrices


Say for a 126 by 18 symbolic matrix, substituting numerical values into the matrix DD1 takes about 10 seconds (using time() );

for a 62 by 16 matrix, take just about 1/5 second.

By when the matrix is about 254 by 20, it take much longer! More than a minute!

I never actually waited how long, but I am wondering if there is something wrong? Am I using the right command?

Say the matrix is DD1 with numpar:=[x=0.3,y=0.2,z=0.98,....]

then i substitue using



see Maple worksheet attached. Change K from 3 and onwards, up to 7 is fine, but 8 is taking too 'loong' - is the worksheet

VpaperNum3.c - is the 'source' creats the symbolic matrix



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