Question: Good curve fitting

Hi,@Carl Love ,thanks for your help, it's useful. Here, I slightly modify your expression to reach my need. Model:= i0*(exp(1000*(v-i*rs)/n0/(259/100))-1)-i;→ change 100 to 10,

Curve:= plot(eval(NewModel, FIT[2]), v= 0..1): → change v= 0.01..1, because v=0 will give an abrupt jump

The following is the execution result; it can see a good fitting, I also tried other i.txt to fitting the curve, and see a good fit.

I want to know how to export the data, that is v=0.01 give one i, v=0.02 give another i… till v=1, at an increment of 0.01, make a file just like i.txt (or output_i.txt), make a list separated by row, then I can copy the data of output_i.txt to combine with my raw data to other software and make an editable graph, how to do such an expression? Thank you.


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