Question: How to do riemann sum in Maple?

Here is the question:

Consider f(x)=x3 over [a,b] and a partition P of [a,b] into n equal subintervals. Find the length of this subinterval and assign it to dxj.

a) Assign the rightmost point of the jth subinterval to xj. Set up an expression corresponding to the Riemann sum for this partition with  as the rightmost point xj in each subinterval.

b) Find the limit of this expression as n->∞. Integrate f(x) between a and b and comment on your evaluation of the integral and the value of the limit.

 d) Show that the limit of the Riemann sum remain unchanged if

xj = the left most point in the jth interval

or if

xj = the midpoint in the jth interval


anyone know how to go about this question? thanks

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