Question: Conjugation of products of Grassmannians

Complex conjugation of a product of Grassmannians is defined to reverse the order of the multiplicands (while also complex conjugating each multiplicand by itself, of course). That does not seem to be implemented in the Physics package: The code

   mathematicalnotation = true,
   anticommutativepre   = theta
a := theta1*theta2;
b := conjugate(a);
c := evalc(b);

produces for a, b, and c the following results:

In b and c, the order of the multiplicands should be the reverse, or, equivalently, the signs of b and c should be the opposite. Is it due to an error, or due to not being implemented yet, or have I simply misunderstood something?

The following code of mine, which no doubt may be improved, performs this generalized conjugation (note that reversing a product of c-number-valued, i.e., commutative, quantities is, of course, inconsequential, and thus usual complex conjugation is maintained):

Conj := proc(x::algebraic)
    local expr;
    expr := expand(x);
    if   type(expr,`+`) then map(Conj,expr)
    elif type(expr,`*`) then `*`(ListTools:-Reverse(map(Conj,[op(expr)]))[]);
    else conjugate(expr)
    end if
end proc:
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