Question: In document mode, I have difficulties manipulating equations by clicking

Hi everyone,


At some point in my calculations, I want to do some simple manipulations wiht the use of the «clickable» features in M17.  For the moment, I can see directy how to do it by hand and I do it by copy-paste and use the mous to change it a little bit.  But I just cannot find a simple way to do it by simple click.


You will find in this attach question, the maipulations I want to do.  It is starting from equaiton (7).  Am I at the edge where it is simple by hand than with the features?


Thank you in advance.

Mario Lemelin
Maple 17.02 Ubuntu 13.10 - 64 bits
Maple 17 Win 7 - 64 bits messagerie : téléphone :  (819) 376-0987
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