Question: Orbit of 2x2 matrix through a given list of points

okay so im quite confused, im trying to write a procedure that prints the orbit of a 2x2 matrix through a given list of points.  our arguments should be a a (2x2) matrix, a list L of points represented by 2 vectors, ie (2x1) matrices and a natural number N. Returnvalue : NULL

a side effect should be to 

A^i.L[j] for i = 0 ... N and j = 1 ... nops(L)

thus, an example, if the proc is called P, then 


should plot the points  

(1,1) ,(-1,1) , (-1,-1)  for the 1st point  and 

(1,0)  ,(0,1) , (-1,0) for the second

thanks for any help in advance

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