Question: Prevent Maple from converting [[cm^3]] to [[m^3]]?

Now that I got my units converted I have a new problem:


I have g/mol and g/cm^3, and the result is supposed to be per cm^3 too. So I would like to keep my grams as well as my  cm^3. However, Maple converts it all to kg and m^3!


That means I have to divide the final result by 10e6. No big deal, only that it looks strange on my worksheet (when I divide the units stay the same, so if I show that to someone they'll be amazed at the gigantic m^3 result number I got instead of just a few cm^3).


By the way, turing off the automatic unit cancellation (see link, my question a few days ago) does not change anything, the g->kg and cm^3->m^3 conversion take place as soon as I enter the values:


results in




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