Question: Clickable Math doesn't always return a result ??

It puzzles me that some of the choices for Clickable Math don't return a result. The image below shows four choices for clickable math. I would like it to "factor" exactly as shown in the upper left choice, but nothing happens after clicking the choice. (No matter how many times I try.) The choices "2D Plot" and "Isolate" return results ("Complete the square", in this case, also does not work).

My guess is that I'm asking it to operate on only the denominator of the rhs of the equation, but then why is the choice displayed at all. I've noticed this for some time in certain cases (like since version 17 was release).

Is there a way to make the choice return a result ? In this case, I don't find an equivalent command (factor, the denominator) using a right click. (In this case, I'll use another command "covert" "parfrac" . . .)

I want Clickable Math to make it easy.


Thanks. Cheers !



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