Question: Component name remains Somewhere even when changed

When I create a component, here a label component, and set a name property and then click OK, that name seems to go into some list never to be erased. If I then delete the first name and put in a new name and click OK. thus saving it, and the then try to use that name again on a different component, I am told that the name is already in use. Well, no existing component has the name, but it is still in Maple's list of components. If I go to edit an action for any component and input %+command completion, I get a list of components which includes the deleted name which does not belong to any existing component. Since the name is on this list, I cannot reuse the component name.

How do I clean up this erroneous list of component names, so that a mistake in naming one component doesn't forever prevent me from using it on the component for which it was intended?


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