Question: what is the syntax for D(x)(0)=value, when applied to vector of functions of t?

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Suppose I have 2 differential equations in vector form, and I want to solve them using dsolve. I am not able to figure the syntax for what I would do for scalar ODE to initial its derivative at t=0, which is D(x)(0)=some_value, but do the same when x is a vector.

Here is an example:

x := t-> <x1(t),x2(t)>;
eq:=diff~(x(t),t$2) =~ <sin(t),t>;

So far so good. Now I wanted to also make initial conditions for derivative at zero to be some value. Only syntax I know is using D(x)(0)=some_value. But this works for scalar ODE. When I tried


I got

This does not work:


any help on the correct syntax to use? I am using Maple 2015


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