Question: Finding singular points at blow-up


I try to solve a system of two second order non linear ordinary differential equations using Maple that I expect to find singularities as blow-up points.

So, I would like to know how to compute values of singular points when existing.

Thank you in advance. 


ode1: -0.1*diff(u(z),z$2)+(z-2*diff(v(z)^-1/2,z))*diff(u(z),z)+(3-2*diff(v(z)^-1/2,z$2)*u(z)=0

ode2: 0.1*diff(v(z),z$2)+0.01*z*diff(v(z),z)+0.02*v(z)-u(z)*v(z)^1/2=0

Ics: u(0)=0, v(0)=0, D(u)(0)=0, D(v)(0)=0

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