Question: Plotting a function subject to an implicit constraint


     I an trying to plot a function of a single variable, which is an implicit function of another variable, i.e. I want to plot F(x(t)), given that x and t are related through the implicit constraint equation f(x,t) = 0. Is there any plot stuctures in Maple that would easily let me do this? I tried implicit plot but this seems insufficient. 

     As an example, consider plotting F = x + x^2 subject to f = x + sin(x) + ln (t) = 0. I could also write this as  a function subject o a differential constraint, as is f = diff(x(t), t) + 1/t + (diff(x(t), t))*cos(x(t)) = 0 and try to use some sort of implicit DE plotting routine. 

     Any ideas?


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