Question: Strange outputs when executing


When I input an expression such as 3*(2*x-1)(x+1) > 0 into a Maple worksheet, Maple outputs this:

0 < 6*x(x+1)-3

(sorry, the formatter doesn't work for some reason).

I was wondering by which rules Maple determines to output that instead of, for example,

0 < 3(2*x^2+x-1)


0 < 6*x^2+3x-3


Also, Maple can't seem to be able to solve the inequality. It gives the following error to the command:

solve( { 3*(2*x-1)(1+x) > 0 } );

Error, (in solve) cannot solve for an unknown function with other operations in its arguments


So, I was wondering, is there a way to force Maple to output either in the most factorized form (which should be what I gave it as input) or in the least factorized form (that is, multiply it all)?

And, of course, why can't I solve the inequality with Maple?

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