Question: Questions about tensors

Need help for manipulating tensor with the physics package.

I ask some questions about this.  But each time, I am refer to the help pages.  If I ask again some help, it is because I can't not start with the information on the help file.  It is written for people that already know General Relativity (GR).


So this time, I have created a document (attach to this post) where I ask specific queations on manipulations.  My goal is to ccrreate a document that I will put on the Applications Center.  I promess that those who will help me on this will be cited in the document.  This way, I hope to create an introduction on how to use tensors for beginner like me.


Then, with this help, I am sure I will be able to better understand the help page of the packages.  I am doing this as someone who is starting to learn GR and have to be able to better understand the manipulations of tensor and getting the grasp of teh meaning of all those tensor.  For exemple, the concept of parallel transport on a curve surface.


Thank you in advance for all the troubling I give you with this demand.










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