Question: How to solve system in that way?

Is there a command in Maple that directly divides one equation by another and produce the result as one equation directly? I wanted to verify the text book, where it says

      x^2-y^2 = a*z^2   ----- (1)
      x-y          = a*z       ------(2)
dividing (1) by (2) gives

      x+y = z  ---(3)

So I typed this in Maple:


But now what to do? I can see the answer in book is correct by doing

   solve( {eq1,eq2}, {x,y} );

And adding the solution given above, which shows it is z indeed.  But I'd like to get Maple to generate equation (3) above automatically.  Is this possible?

Maple 2015, windows 7

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