Question: Is RootFinding[Isolate] thread safe?


I have a problem recently with running RootFinding:-Isolate inside a procedure which is run on threads. I have many polynomial systems to treat so I would like to balance computations between cores. Unfortunately, my code always breaks computation kernel with the error:


at com.maplesoft.mathdoc.model.WmiModelLock.acquireLock(Unknown Source)
at com.maplesoft.mathdoc.model.WmiModelLock.writeLock(Unknown Source)
at com.maplesoft.worksheet.connection.WmiOutputUpdateBuffer$ Source)
at Source)


I wrote a small example below


   local i;

   for i from 1 to n do


   catch "":
   end try:
  end do:
end proc:

Threads:-Task:-Start ( null, Task[f,10000], Task[f,10000], Task[f,10000]);


I have no much of experiences with threads in Maple so I would not be surprise if I'm trying to do something completely wrong here. Any hint or advice will be appreciate. 

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