Question: How to find specific solutions?

A lot of my life is at the moment spent using solve to solve systems of equations, and then trying to weed through the solutions maple gives to find the ones I am interested in. Specifically i'd like to have a program that can weed through the solutions and eliminate those that include equalities of the  form p[i]=-p[j] or p[i]=0  where i and j are integers (or equalities of that form with the letter q replacing p). Specifically i don't want to exclude equalities of the form p[i]=-p[j]*something+something else-another thing.... as they can be useful (or equalities of that form with the letter q replacing p).

Here is a (simple) example of the kind of equations I am likely to be solving and their output from solve:
A := solve([p[1]*p[2]*p[3] = q[1]*q[2]*q[3], p[1]+p[3] = q[1]+q[3], p[2]^2+p[3]^2 = q[2]^2+q[3]^2])

I have some code which gets rid of solutions where one variable is set to 0 

GetRidOfDumbSolutions := proc (sols)
local Nsols, Npars, GoodSol, GoodSols, GoodSolsCounter, i, j;
Nsols := numelems(sols); Npars := numelems(sols[1]);
GoodSols := []; GoodSolsCounter := 0;
for i to Nsols do
GoodSol := 1;
for j to Npars do
if IsZero(rhs(sols[i, j]))
then GoodSol := 0
end if
end do;
if GoodSol = 1 then
GoodSols := Concatenate(1, GoodSols, sols[i])
end if
end do;
end proc

but i can't see how (in maple) to detect an expression of the form p[i]=-p[j] especiall if that is being written in 2-d math. (i don't quite understand the different maths environments or how to convert from one to another or to string)

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