Question: Periodic extention of parametric plot


I would like to build a periodic curve but starting from a parametric curve and not with a function.

Thanks to you tips, I could obtain a periodic function with a piecewise function starting from a function (

I would like to do the same approach but starting from this parametric curve f :

f:=unapply(V, t);
plot( [f(t)[1],f(t)[2], t = 0..evalf(Pi)],color=red, scaling=constrained);

And I would like to build a periodic curve (the period is defined on the x axis) g such as :


Unfortunately, the approach presented in the post does'nt work anymore.

Do you have ideas to build this periodic curve starting from the parametric curve defined above ?

The aim of my question is more linked to the methodolody than the result.

Thank you for your help.

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