Question: Error in Basis

do not know why Basis got error in this case.

how to calculate this Basis?

prej := Matrix([[diff(eq2,a),diff(eq2,b),diff(eq2,c)],[diff(eq3,a),diff(eq3,b),diff(eq3,c)],[diff(eq4,a),diff(eq4,b),diff(eq4,c)]]);
jaco := Determinant(prej);
jaco := -a*b*c^2+c^2;
g3 := [diff(jaco,a),diff(jaco,b),diff(jaco,c)];
K := [r-g3[1],u-g3[2],v-g3[3]];
G := Basis(K, 'tord', degrevlex(r,u,v));

Error, (in LinearAlgebra:-Basis) invalid input: LinearAlgebra:-Basis expects its 1st argument, V, to be of type {Vector, {list(Vector), set(Vector)}} but received [b*c^2+r, a*c^2+u, 2*a*b*c-2*c+v]


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