Question: Strange output of diff

I have a pair of linear functions I want to differentiate wrt time. The first line defines the functions, and thesecond a substitution that tells maple that the variables of these linear functions, are themselves functions of time.

F := Vector([p[1]*p[6]*(p[2]-x[1]-x[2])-p[3]*x[1], p[4]*p[6]*(p[2]-x[1]-x[2])-p[5]*x[2]])
timefull := [x[1] = x[1](t), x[2] = x[2](t)]

This line should give the ith derivative

Fdiffi := [diff(subs(timefull, F[1]), t$i), diff(subs(timefull, F[2]), t$i)]

however maple gives me a responce in terms of the pochammer function. Why is this? How do i avoid it?

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