Question: Compiler:-Compile Conundrum

I am trying to use Compiler:-Compile with a generated function having a Vector as an argument. My function is (in a simplified form)

Mapt:=proc (pv) options operator, arrow; rtable(1 .. 6, {1 = .998026692438229*pv[1]-.605526643146912*pv[2]+0.154549004943741e-1*pv[6]+0.140818440886566e-5*pv[5], 2 = 0.651134546344795e-2*pv[1]+.998026692438228*pv[2]-0.510903331894809e-1*pv[6]+0.229399145141077e-8*pv[5], 3 = -.500000000000002*pv[3]-5.95856898901206*pv[4], 4 = .125869147673385*pv[3]-.499999999999996*pv[4], 5 = 0.510903331894806e-1*pv[1]-0.154549004943901e-1*pv[2]-40.6778361021594*pv[6]+.999998210424947*pv[5], 6 = .999998210424947*pv[6]-0.229399145141220e-8*pv[1]-0.140818440886565e-5*pv[2]+0.897571581395136e-7*pv[5]}, datatype = anything, subtype = Vector[column], storage = rectangular, order = Fortran_order) end proc;

Since this returns a Vector it cannot be compiled as is. So I split off the first output element (with the idea to later on do this with the others as well):

f1(<0.001,0.001,0,0,0,0>); # test f1: works

sf1:=Compiler:-Compile(f1); # this works, too

sf1(<0.001,0.001,0,0,0,0>); # but this fails
Error, (in sf1) invalid input: expecting a hardware float[8] rtable, but received 1

The examples in the Helpfile run so I think my installation is ok (my old Maple 15 won't even run the examples, but that is a different story). I have been banging my head against the wall here, trying many different ways, but none of them successfull. Worse, I do not understand the error message at all. Test program attached.

Mac OS X 10.10.5

Thanks for any hint,


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