Question: How to produce this DEplot?

sys := {diff(b(t),t) = 0,diff(c(t),t) = -b(t)/a(t)};
DEplot(sys, [b(t),c(t)], t=0..5, x=-5..5, y=-5..5);
Error, (in DEtools/DEplot) Option keyword (x) was not in the allowed set of options, consisting of: iterations, arrows, dirgrid, obsrange, scene, colour, linecolour, stepsize, a dependent variable range, a list of initial conditions or one of the allowed plot options: {animate, axes, color, colour, coords, font, scaling, style, symbol, title, view, animatecurves, animatefield, axesfont, dirfield, labelfont, linestyle, numframes, resolution, thickness, tickmarks, titlefont, xtickmarks, ytickmarks}, or one of the allowed dsolve/numeric options: {abserr, control, ctrl, initial, itask, maxder, maxfun, maxkop, maxord, maxpts, maxstep, method, mi..

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