Question: How do I solve this system of ODEs in Maple?

I'm trying to solve a system of 4 ODE's.



however I have 4 equations and six unknowns. I dont know how else to describe the functions a,b,c,d


cause these just represent vector valued functions at points (x1,y1) and (x2,y2) where i have chosing (x1,y1)=(-1,0) and (x2,y2) = (1,0)


I have that


dx1/dt = (u,v)


I know that if i graph these functions I should get vertical lines, but I keep getting circles if I instead consider a(t) to be x(t) and b(t) to be y(t)...


I need to solve this system and plot it but i am misinterpreting something somewhere..

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