Question: How do I find and access a temporary .stl file that I created when using the exportplot command in order to print a surface generated in Maple on a 3D printer?

I read a posting by Mr. Stephen Forrest on Thingiverse about using the exportplot command to export a 3D plot as a .stl file. I have a 3D printer and need the convert the plot from the Maple file into an .stl file.

Here is the posting I am referencing:


I was able to follow the commands successfully in the referenced paper for a hyperboloid or revolution that I plotted in Maple - it was very helpful. However, I could not figure out how to access the temporary .stl file that was created so that I could open it using my 3D printer's software.

My question is: Once I execute the "exportplot(stl, hyprev)" command that I inputted, how can I find the file in the Temporary Directory in order to open it from the software I use for my 3D printer?

I would appreciate any further details you can provide for accessing the temporary .stl file I created in order to be able to print the object.

Thank you!

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