Question: Trouble by exporting 3dplot to PS

There are 4 points which I want to plot as solid spheres in 3d. Here is the code:

Rplot := pointplot3d(`<,>`(r, Transpose(Vector([0, 0, 0]))), style = point, symbolsize = 40, color = [red, grey, grey, green])

plotsetup(ps, plotoutput = `E:\\.../C.eps`, plotoptions = `width=2000, height=2000, noborder`); print(plots:-display(Rplot, axes = boxed, labels = [x, y, z], symbol = solidsphere));

plotsetup(default, plotoptions = `width=2000, height=2000, noborder`); display(Rplot, axes = boxed, labels = [x, y, z], symbol = solidsphere)

In Maple itself everything looks fine, but once I try to export it to ".ps" I see this.

The problem lies in "symbol = solidsphere". When I change it to "diamond", for example, export is successful:


But I need solidsphere. What should I do to fix this error (except manual editing in Adobe Illustrator)?

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