Question: maple takes too long(cannot maybe?) to compute this integral? Please ASAP

So I have an integral that computes perfectly in wolfram alpha but not in maple...

I will post it here

int(1/((4.532055545*10^9/f^4.14-2.311250000*10^5/f^2+(111*(1-0.2163331531e-4*f^2+2.340001656*10^(-10)*f^4))/(1+0.1081665766e-4*f^2)))*(6*10^(-21)*abs(1/f^(4/3)))^2, [f = 50 .. 1500])

the answer should be 3.05364*10^-46

If you try that exact line of code in maple, it will not compute (is stuck on evaluating)

Best Regards to all,

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