Question: Is it possible to obtain "à la Maple 5" output ?

Hi everybody.

I often regret that Maple 18 and further versions (maybe some others before ?) do not represent lengthy and complex outputs by introducing substitution expressions (i.e. %1, %2, ...) as Maple 5 or 8 did.

An exemple can be found in the Maple V release 5 programming Guide (p95, expression %1 = ...)

To be more precise I provide you the output Maple 2015 gives on the same problem treated in "Introduction to Maple, André Heck (1993) Springer Verlag" ; page 86 (no advertising here !).

The problem is about solving a polynomial system in 3 indeterminates.
One of the (set of) solutions is quite complex and looks like (I represent just the beginning of the complete solution) :

{x = %1, y = -1/8*(%1^6 + 15*%1^4 ...) / %1^4 , z = ...}
%1 := RootOf(....)  

From at least Maple 18 this same solution takes this form

{x =  RootOf(....), y = -1/8*( RootOf(....)^6 + 15* RootOf(....)^4 ...) / %1^4 , z = ...}

My question is very simple : Does it exist a way to tell Maple to act as Maple 5/8 did ?

Thanks in advance.

PS1 : I tried things like subs(RootOf(....)=freeze(RootOf(....)), sols) but it is not perfect because I dit this manually, by a copy of RootOf(....) from the output and a paste into the subs(....) input (shame on me !)

PS2 : I use to work in worksheet mode, not document mode, and I would prefer an answer adapted to the worksheet mode.



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