Question: How to Test Input Typed to a Procedure to Determine what to do?

Trying to write a generat purpose procedure insteat of having 3 or 4 different named procceduers.

Need to determine the input types of say A,B,C


1) A,B,C could be for the form 3/2 , 5x-7 , x^2-sqrt(x+3)  i.e numbers or formulas

2) A,B,C could be 2 elenent lists [2,3]  , [5x-6y,8x+2] ,[2,sqrt(3)]  i.e 2D points

3) A,B,C could be 3 element lists as above    i.e 3D points

4) A,B,C could be 2D vectors

5) A,B,C could be 3D vectors

A, B, C will not be of mixed types but would be good to check A, B, C for consistency and if not retrun an error

Looking to calculate output based on

If type 1) ......

elif type 2).....



elif type 5)...

end if


end proc



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