Question: How to convert {t<=2.3, .01 > t} to .01..2.3

I solved two inequalities using

[solve]({f(theta) >0, f(theta) <=Pi}, theta)

for some complicated function f of theta, an solve gives me a list of intervals such as

[{theta <= Pi-arccos(-3/4+(1/4)*sqrt(13+16*sqrt(2))), arccos(3/4) < theta},

{arccos(-3/4+(1/4)*sqrt(13+16*sqrt(2)))+Pi <= theta, theta < 2*Pi-arccos(3/4)},

{theta <= 3*Pi-arccos(-3/4+(1/4)*sqrt(13+16*sqrt(2))), 2*Pi+arccos(3/4) < theta}]

I would like to convert each of the intervals to the range form a..b so I can plot the function over this range.

Is there a comand to convert something like {theta <=b, a < theta} to
a..b (assuming a and b are real numbers in some form)?  I can think of a rather complicated procedure to do it, but there should be something simpler.


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