Question: why is this DAE system crashing?


dsolve({Q(0) = 0, Q(t) = (1.375*4190)*(80-T__1(t)), Q(t) = (1.375*4190)*(T__2(t)-38.2), diff(Q(t), t) = (240*0.1375e-1)*(T__1s(t)-T__2s(t))/(0.1e-2), diff(Q(t), t) = (0.1375e-1*47.6035070726347)*(T__1(t)-T__1s(t))*(T__1(t)+T__1s(t))^.438263122318020*((T__1(t)-T__1s(t))^.327228811371115), diff(Q(t), t) = (0.1375e-1*47.6035072491656)*(T__2s(t)-T__2(t))*(T__2(t)+T__2s(t))^.438263121701134*((T__2s(t)-T__2(t))^.327228811154163)}, numeric)

could you help with this? maybe because of too long exponents or just a maple bug?

when i try to solve this DAE it just crash. it says connection with kernel has been lost, and tells me to look for online help.

thank you very much...


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