Question: Bad quality when exporting to PDF

Hello all,

I have a question regarding printing to PDF. I am using Maple 2016.1 on Mac OS Sierra. When I choose print and use "Open PDF in Preview", I get to see something like this:

As you can see, the fonts are ugly and not anti-aliased at all (and it makes no difference whether I select that option explicitly in Maple preferences or not).
I've also tried Maple 2015, and it gives the same ugly result.

As a comparison, here is an example of a similar print of the same document that I've made in 2015:

Here, the font looks much better, properly aliased this time.
I also get this result when using Maple 18 on Sierra.

I am wondering: do other people also get this ugly result? In that case, it could indicate an issue with Maple 201X and Mac OS Sierra. Unfortunately, I no longer have Mac OS X El Capitan to compare...

P.s.: If someone wishes to try: just create some text input, choose Print, Open PDF in Preview, and then zoom in on the document.

Many thanks for your reply.




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