Question: Looping through a collection of functional operators

Perhaps I am being stupid, but I have a problem with functional operators, more specifically with looping through a collection of them. Consider the following code (just a study case):

nonIdMaps := []:
for f in [x -> x,x -> 2*x,x -> 3*x] do
   if f(y) <> y then nonIdMaps := [nonIdMaps[],f] end if
end do;
nonIdMaps,map(f -> f(y),nonIdMaps);

There are two things I do not understand about this output: 1.) Why the f's rather than the specific maps as given in the list? 2.) Why two times 3*y in the last line, rather than [2*y,3*y]? (this issue being of course quite likely a consequence of the first one). This behaviour can be compared with the following:

nonIdMaps := select(f -> f(y) <> y,[x -> x,x -> 2*x,x -> 3*x]):
nonIdMaps,map(f -> f(y),nonIdMaps);

the output of which I do understand, being as I expected it to be. I guess that there are some scoping rules I do not understand, or what?

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