Question: Integration involving square roots of vector products

In Maple 17, the following expression needs to be integrated with respect to q3, p3 and q. Here, mu is a real, positive scalar. 

a := 1/(sqrt(mu^2+(px-p3x-q3x)^2)*sqrt(mu^2+(-p3x+qx-q3x)^2)*sqrt(mu^2+q3x^2)*(sqrt(mu^2+(-p3x+qx-q3x)^2)+sqrt(mu^2+q3x^2)))

However, the integration will not work with the "int" command (e.g. wrt q3). The indefinite integration will work if the integral is evaluated using the steps: highlight expression -> right click -> Integrate -> wrt q3 command.

The output of the integral (using the above method) is very long, it's impossible to manipulate the answer (on my i5, 8GB machine running Maple 17) because it is very tough to copy such a long output. Also, there is no way to specify that mu is a positive scalar. 

Is there a better way to perform the integration, e.g. between 0 and lambda, -1 through 1, or -infinity to +infinity?  


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