Question: Need help with plotting a Tetrahedron using equations of 4 planes

I think that I am probably making this more complicated than it needs to be, but I'm fairly certain that the way that I am doing this is possible within Maple. 


Currently I have this line of code

>implicitplot3d({2*sqrt(2)*x-2*z+sqrt(2) = 0, 2*sqrt(2)*x+2*z-sqrt(2) = 0, 2*sqrt(2)*y-2*z-sqrt(2) = 0, 2*sqrt(2)*y+2*z+sqrt(2) = 0}, x = -2 .. 2, y = -2 .. 2, z = -2 .. 2)


So these equations create planes that intersect creating a tetrahedron. The problem I'm running into is that I need to "trim" the extra bits of the planes outside of the tetrahedron. The idea I have right now is constraining each plane by 3 equations which would turn the planes into triangles. I think this will work but I'm not sure how to constrain each individual plane with different equations AND plot them on the same graph. Any direction here would be greatly appreciated. I would prefer to stick with using implicitplot3d and avoid any special plotting tools. 


Thanks for any help!

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