Question: How do I reset styles and use style sets?

I'm a brand-new Maple user, so be gentle!

I was fooling around with a document and manually changed some fonts on various items, by just highlighting them and setting a new font.  I even selected everything and changed the font but not the size.  I didn't actually change any styles. 

I want to reset to the Maple default now, but can't seem to do it.  Format / Manage Style Sets... / Default Maple Style Set / OK doesn't do it, neither does Format / Manage Style Sets... / Load Style Set... navigating to the default stylesets\ and OK / OK.  Nothing seems to change.  I've been through Help:worksheet/documenting/styles and the verbiage doesn't match the dialog box screen shots there.  I'm not really sure what to do with that "help".

I can't seem to switch to a customized style set either.  If you manually change fonts, does that supercede the style?  Is there any way to revert?

Thanks for any help!

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