Question: Kernel connection lost during summation

Hello everybody.

Maybe I'm so lucky but I found again the problem connected with "Kernel connection lost"; error (see one of my previous post regarding this ). But now I used Intel-based processor.

Here the simple code of my program:

R0 := exp((2*Pi*I)*n^2*z);
R1 := sum(R0, n = -infinity .. infinity);
R1 := abs(R1)^2;
R2 := exp((2*Pi*I)*(n+1/2)^2*z);
R2 := evalf(sum(R2, n = -infinity .. infinity));
R2 := abs(R2)^2;
R := evalf(sqrt(Im(d))*(R1+R2));
plot(R, k = 1 .. 10);

After this I got message from Windows 7 (64 bit) that mserver.exe has stopped and then above mentioned error with Kernel connection lost. Anybody knows what is the problem?

P.S. Maple 17 (64 bit).

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