Question: Histogram of normally distributed random integers

I am looking to develop a histogram from a random data set that contains integers that are approximately normally distributed.  The intent is to develop a histogram from the dataset that looks like a fairly decent-approximation of a normalized curve (but not necessarily perfect)....  the next stage to this is a second histogram that shows a bimodal distribution (but not necessarily perfect)


To this point I have...




N := RandomVariable(Normal(300, 10));

A := [seq(MapleTA:-Builtin:-decimal(0, Sample(N, 500)[i]), i = 1 .. 500)];

Histogram(A, frequencyscale = absolute, bincount = 25, binwidth = 1, tickmarks = [default, default]);


I am certain you will find what I have thus far is far from ideal, as such any help is appreciated.





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