Question: Mixed type Levi-Civita's

I have two tensors, E_ and F_ below, that I believe should be equal. But they are not, and I cannot understand why. The problem does not appear in, say, Schwarschild spacetime, but it appears in Boyer-Lindquist spacetime, metric [5,29,1]; perhaps it appears only if the vierbein is nondiagonal?

The code: Loading the packages and the metric:

g_[[5,29,1]];   # The Boyer-Lindquist metric

Set up galilean and nongalilean Levi-Civita's, respectively, following the recipe given elsewhere:

Define(varepsilon[a,b,c,d] = Array((1..4)$4,rhs(LeviCivita[nonzero])),quiet):
Setup(levicivita = nongalilean):
# Checking that the Levi-Civita's are indeed different
varepsilon[1,2,3,4];   # The galilean case
LeviCivita[1,2,3,4];   # The nongalilean case

Define the two tensors E_ and F_, using mixed type Levi-Civita's for the latter:

   E_[~a,mu] = varepsilon[~a,~b,~c,~d]*LeviCivita[mu,nu,rho,sigma]*e_[b,~nu]*e_[c,~rho]*e_[d,~sigma],
   F_[~a,mu] = varepsilon[~a,b,c,d]*LeviCivita[mu,~nu,~rho,~sigma]*e_[~b,nu]*e_[~c,rho]*e_[~d,sigma]

Compare the two expressions, which should be equal, I believe.

expr := simplify(TensorArray(E_[~a,mu] - F_[~a,mu])) assuming a::real,theta > 0,theta < Pi;
eval(expr,{a = 1,m = 1,r = 2,theta = Pi/4});   # Just to make the difference completely obvious

[I have trouble copy-pasting the output from these two lines, so you will have to execute the worksheet provided below to see it.]

However, they are not equal. Why not?

Download worksheet:

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