Question: A bug in Maple plot legend??

Hi All,

I am ploting with the command of:

logplot([1-R(Pp, tp, tf, 'qN(Pp, tp, tf)'), 1/(1+1+tp), .5/(.5+.5+tp), (1-Pp)*Beta(2, 1+tp)/(Pp*Beta(1, 1)+(1-Pp)*Beta(1, 1+tp))], Pp = 0 .. 1, style = pointline, numpoints = 1, gridlines = true, symbolsize = 10, legend = ["Our worst-case prior with Pp", "Flat prior Beta (1,1)", "Jeffrey's prior Beta (0.5,0.5)", "Normalised flat prior Beta (1,1) with Pp"], labels = ["Pp", "Posterior expected pfd"], symbol = [asterisk, diagonalcross, box, circle], title = "Given fixed t_past=100")

and get:


which is ok but the legends are wrong. where are the symbols in the legends? Am I missing something....


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