Question: One simple question about matrix indexing in maple

You know in maple's linear algebra the Xij is true for i,j>0, X00 is meaningless.

Is it possible in Maple when we call X00 it returns the X11 element of the matrix, instead of

Error, Matrix index out of range

I try to do this by writing a procedure as bellow:

X := proc (i, j)

X[i+1, j+1]

end proc

but it does not work.

X := proc (i, j)

X[i+1, j+1]:

end proc;

X := Matrix(2, 2, [[m[1, 1], m[1, 2]], [m[2, 1], m[2, 2]]]);
X[0, 0];
Error, Matrix index out of range


Any suggestion?

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