Question: Why doesn't solve work when specifying variables?


      I've found that, occasionally, solve won't work if the solving variables are specified---but it will work if the variables aren't specified. For instance:

[x=1, -1/(exp(h)+1/exp(h))^(1/2)/(exp(h)-1/exp(h))^(1/2)*(exp(h)^2-2+1/exp(h)^2)^(1/2)*x = tanh(h)^(1/2)]:

# Works

# Doesn't work
solve(eqns, x);

I was wondering why this is, and if there is a workaround?

(I want to specify the solving variables so that solve doesn't attempt to solve for parameters---like h in this case. Also, I'm using solve as opposed to a consistency checker because, in general, I'm applying the same code to larger systems with additional variables to solve for).


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