Question: Create matrix then attach it as CSV file in same workbook

I am creating a randomised dataset in a workbook, I want the students to use this data but I also want to save the matrix within the same workbook as a csv file so that when I come to look at their work I will see the exact dataset they were supplied with. Can anyone advise on how I might do this:

The code is:

x := convert([seq(1..100)], Vector[column]):

y := 0.1*~x:


tmp := GenerateGaussian(100, 2, .6):

tmp2 := convert(tmp*~y, Vector[column]):

ad1 := <<x>|<tmp2>>:

I tried - Export("this:///DataFiles/exdat.csv",ad1):

but get the Error message - Error, (in FileTools:-OpenURI) entry with path '/DataFiles/exdat.csv' is not found

Is what I'm trying to achieve even possible?

Thanks in advance

Jo (p.s. pretty new to Maple)


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