Question: pdsolve does not work

why pdsolve does not work?

Q and alpha are constant. I want to find f(x,y).


"restart: w(x,y) :=Q*sin^(2)(Pi*x)*sin^(2)(Pi*y)"

proc (x, y) options operator, arrow, function_assign; Q*sin(Pi*x)^2*sin(Pi*y)^2 end proc


PDE := diff(f(x, y), x, x, x, x)+2*(diff(f(x, y), x, x, y, y))/alpha^2+(diff(f(x, y), y, y, y, y))/alpha^4+((diff(w(x, y), y, y))*(diff(w(x, y), x, x))-(diff(w(x, y), x, y))^2)/alpha^2

diff(diff(diff(diff(f(x, y), x), x), x), x)+2*(diff(diff(diff(diff(f(x, y), x), x), y), y))/alpha^2+(diff(diff(diff(diff(f(x, y), y), y), y), y))/alpha^4+((2*Q*sin(Pi*x)^2*Pi^2*cos(Pi*y)^2-2*Q*sin(Pi*x)^2*sin(Pi*y)^2*Pi^2)*(2*Q*Pi^2*cos(Pi*x)^2*sin(Pi*y)^2-2*Q*sin(Pi*x)^2*sin(Pi*y)^2*Pi^2)-16*Q^2*sin(Pi*x)^2*sin(Pi*y)^2*Pi^4*cos(Pi*x)^2*cos(Pi*y)^2)/alpha^2






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